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The completely renovated 100-year-old historic Rauhalinna villa has been restored to it`s original glory. In connection with the renovation, the villa is equipped for high service level use to serve the most demanding guests, such as state visits, demanding international clientele and large companies.

Unique accommodation is offered to 20 guests in well-equipped rooms and suites in two different buildings. Next to the historical villa there is a modern guest house with 6 spacious bedrooms.

The villa features several luxurious common areas and a modern lake-side sauna building with a smoke sauna and a jacuzzi. From your own pier you can go directly to for examplet he Olavinlinna with the Opera Festival.

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Built in 1900
Renovated in 2019-2023
A plot of land over 100 hectares
Own shoreline of 3.4 kilometers

All the suites in the lace villa
and in the guesthouse have
double beds. The bedrooms in
the saloon house can be with
twin or double beds.

All the bedrooms and suites
have ensuite bathrooms except
the twin room in the lace villa
which has their own bathroom
in the corridor. The bathrooms
in the guesthouse have separate
shower and bathtub.

Lace villa

3 suites
1 twin room
Game room
Dining room
Turkish room
Banquet hall
Billiard room
Large terrace
Professional kitchen
Lobby and restrooms


2 twin/double rooms


4 suites


Lounge with
Hot tub
Smoke sauna
Swimming dock
Helicopter can
land on the pier

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Rauhalinna can be rented selectively with all services for inspiring business events, international tourists and e.g. state guests.

Rauhalinna is located in Savonlinna on the banks of Saimaa in a private area. A plot of over a hundred hectares and a few kilometers of private coastline guarantee the privacy of travelers who want their own peace. Rauhalinna offers peace and quiet to travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering its guests first-class service, such as spa treatments, fitness opportunities and activities, as well as local local food and international delicacies.

Contact by email to rauhalinna@arcticsignature.com.

Clothing & Accessories: Savolinna Opera Festival, Pique Dame / Erika Turunen, Tosca / Jason Southgate

Video & Photography: Ville Strengel, Allonmurtaja Filmi Oy

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